Zoning By-law Amendments – City of Burlington

How to Apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment with the City See the steps below on how to request a zoning by-law amendment. Review our planning process Before you begin, please review our Burlington planning process, which outlines and describes our planning process, as well as information about the work performed by our planning staff, the different statuses of an application, public notifications and more. . Make an appointment for a pre-consultation meeting with the City
  1. You must book a pre-consultation with the City before formally submitting your application. Download and complete our Pre-Consultation Meeting Request Form and follow the instructions on the form to include all necessary information and fees to accompany your form. You must include, at a minimum:
  • Your completed form
  • Your development concept
  • Details of your development project (as described in the form)
  • Pre-consultation fee of $1,200

Once you have all the necessary information, forms and fees for your pre-consultation request, contact us by phone at 905-335-7642 or by email at [email protected] for the contact to submit your application in electronic and paper format. Please follow the submission standards outlined in the application form.

Once we receive your submission, we will contact you directly with the date, time and location of your pre-consultation meeting with staff. A minimum of three weeks is required, between the receipt of your submission and the meeting, to allow staff to circulate the request to the departments and agencies concerned for their comments.

During the meeting:

  • The relevant municipal departments and agencies will review their comments with you.
  • We will provide preliminary comments on the proposed development
  • We will discuss application requirements and next steps

We credit your pre-application fee to the corresponding development request, provided you submit it within one year of the date of the pre-consultation meeting. Development requests substantially different from the request presented during the pre-consultation meeting will not be credited and a new pre-consultation meeting may be required, including additional costs. We will not credit additional pre-consultation fees on future development application fees.

See our development application fees See our development app fees for more information on the costs associated with each type of app. Prepare and submit your application with all requirements, studies and fees Download and complete our Zoning By-law Amendment Form and contact us at [email protected] when you are ready to submit your request. We will inform you of any background studies that need to be completed, the relevant fees, how to pay and who to submit your application to. Await contact and next steps from the City Await correspondence from the City describing the next steps for the approval of the application. Your application will be forwarded to relevant agencies and municipal departments for comment. Recommendation to Council and Notification to Ward Planning staff will recommend to City Council to approve, modify or deny the application. The neighborhood is notified of the project and invited to submit comments. For more information on the council review and ward notification process, see our Burlington planning process.