WRAL Ask, We Answer: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Law Firm to Handle Camp Lejeune Water Claims

WRAL’s “5 On Your Side” consumer reporter Keely Arthur published an article on August 18, 2022 that all victims of Camp Lejeune water contamination should see.

In it, Arthur noted that an “overwhelming number of law firms are now doing publicity, seeking to handle the cases of Marines and their families who may have a claim.” Additionally, the Five on Your Side story outlined some questions to ask when deciding which law firm to hire to represent you.

We at Ward and Smith have taken a particular interest in this story because many people who call our company seeking help with these claims say they have seen television and social media advertisements and received letters, but wish to hire a local company. .

Being a local business with a long history in North Carolina, we don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing.

In order to qualify for claims under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, the plaintiffs are or were at any time our neighbors. So, rather than focusing on advertising, we spend our time helping them understand their rights under the Act and litigate their claims on their behalf.

We trust our neighbors to know the difference between law firms located in California, New York and Florida and firms located in Wilmington, Greenville, New Bern and Raleigh.

“5 On Your Side” asked the questions. We will respond to them.

From WRAL: A few questions to ask when choosing a law firm to represent you.

Q: Make sure any agreement you sign clearly states whether you are responsible for upfront costs or whether they will result from a settlement.

A: At Ward and Smith, our engagement contract clearly states that our clients are not responsible for initial costs.

Q: Ask if you have to pay anything if your case is not settled or judged.

A: At Ward and Smith, our Camp Lejeune Water Contamination clients pay nothing if the matter is not resolved or not adjudicated.

Q: Does the law firm regularly handle complex personal injury cases?

A: Yes, Ward and Smith deals with complex personal injury cases on a daily basis. This is not a new area of ​​practice for us. We have been helping injured clients for decades. To our knowledge, we are the largest law firm in North Carolina with a sophisticated plaintiff personal injury practice.

Q: Do they have experience representing plaintiffs in Camp Lejeune cases?

A: Yes. In fact, we filed one of the first cases of Camp Lejeune water contamination the day the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was passed. However, our company’s involvement in the effort began long before television commercials began. Our own retired Major General Hugh Overholt was part of the team that worked for years to help get the law through the United States Congress, creating strong bipartisan support for the bill that ultimately led to its adoption.

We know of no other North Carolina law firm that has been as intimately involved in advancing the Camp Lejeune water contamination cases at this stage of the litigation as we are.

Q: You can also verify that the attorney you are considering is in good standing with the North Carolina State Bar by visiting the North Carolina State Bar website.

A: All Ward and Smith attorneys are in good standing with the State Bar of North Carolina.

Members of our Personal Injury and Wrongful Deaths practice are also members of many of the most reputable and recognized professional litigators’ associations, including:

And two of our personal injury lawyers, Charles Ellis and Lynwood Evans have each been honored by their peers with inclusion in “Best Lawyers in America” ​​in the categories “Medical Malpractice Law-Complaints” and “Personal Injury Litigation- Plaintiffs” for over a decade.

I also had the honor of being named to the list of “Best Lawyers in America” ​​in the categories “Medical Malpractice Law-Plaintiffs” and “Personal Injury Litigation-Plaintiffs”. In addition, I was named “Lawyer of the Year” for 2023 in the Wilmington area for “Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs”, and I appreciate this recognition.

Our team is ready to help victims of water contamination at Camp Lejeune. Please visit our website to chat with us or to learn more about our practice.

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