Wichman Law Firm Wins Budding Athlete’s Lawsuit Against Kansas High School Activities Association

Kansas City, Missouri, USA – 10/16/2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The Wichman Law Firm won a lawsuit against the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA), which accused defendant Jaylen Burch of violating rules relating to tuition fees and the pursuit of his athletic career during his transfer from secondary schools.

About the case

Burch grew up in a struggling family and attended school sporadically so she could take care of her family. After noticing his lack of warm clothes during football practice with a youth team, the Keeney family stepped in to help him and his siblings with their wardrobes. Soon, Burch became part of their family and began his next school semester at the same Catholic high school as the Keeney children, with an at-risk youth scholarship.

The problem started when Burch changed schools and the KSHSAA found that he had broken their rules, stating that he had transferred schools to pursue his athletic career and additionally had his tuition paid in the same aim.

Because of all of this, the KSHSAA deemed Burch ineligible to play sports or participate in other extracurricular activities. Her family was outraged and began their search for the best lawyer they could find. They found the Wichman law firm and got in touch with Kevin Wichman, a criminal defense attorney who was willing to take on their case.

The call to KSHSAA

When the Wichman Law Firm took on this case, the firm did not know of anyone who had ever won or even appealed against KSHSAA before. It wasn’t necessarily Wichman’s niche, but he knew he had the skills to win the case.

“To my knowledge, no one had ever appealed a decision as she had requested, let alone won. However, I was able to figure out in theory how it should be done,” Wichman said.

Wichman’s goal was to show the court that Burch’s intention to change schools was not fueled by success in sports, but rather by the charitable actions of those around him. The injustice of the quick judgment that Burch was changing schools for other reasons needed to be heard and rectified to allow him to continue to live a normal high school life and join KSHSAA football.

Initially, KSHSAA dismissed their appeal after holding a hearing on the matter. However, on a second higher appeal of that decision, which would now be the final appeal, a new, smaller board was able to hear the case, and a decision was able to be made in favor of Burch. This final appeal eventually overruled the other denials and allowed Burch to fully participate in his school activities.

“Ultimately, I was very pleased that the highest level of the Association was receptive to our arguments and chose to reverse the original decisions after receiving more information during the hearings,” Wichman said. . “It was great to be able to help this young man change course in life and chart a new course where he could use his gifts to succeed and to help and reassure the efforts of Catholic and Christian families who lived their faith by loving their neighbor by their charitable efforts towards him.

Where Burch is now

After winning his lawsuit with the Wichman law firm, Burch then made the varsity football team as a running back. He also competed individually on the track and won the Kansas State Championship in the 100 m in his junior year and finished third in his senior year. In his last semester, he earned top grades and even became the king of reunions.

He is now in the middle of his first semester at Morningside University, where he will also play football. Burch became the first member of his family to graduate from high school and attend college, and, if he maintains his excellent work ethic, to also earn a college degree.

“Thank you for your guidance and dedication to Jaylen and my family,” said Fred Keeney, Burch’s father. “Furthermore, thank you for being a great representative of our Catholic Faith. Your sense of duty, diligence and compassion reflects the absolute best that our Faith encapsulates; we will always be grateful and proud of the way you have helped us. represented.

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