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Milton, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The legal system can often be fraught with complexity and pitfalls for the average member of the public. Even seemingly simple things like getting an estate in order and settling wills can turn out to be much more complicated than expected. In these cases in particular, emotions are bound to be more unpredictable than usual due to the nature of wills and the strong presence of death. This is where it is highly recommended to get objective legal help from third-party experts, such as a specialized law firm.

If you are having difficulty with the legal system after the death of someone you felt close to, it may be worth contacting the best wills and estates lawyers in your area. If you are local to Queensland, Will and Estate Lawyers Australia can help you by offering a range of legal services relating to wills and guiding you through the process of administering the estate every step of the way, offering solutions to the most complex testamentary disputes. So whether you’re considering contesting a will, obtaining a grant of probate at QLD, or wanting to use another service, contact the team today to see how they can help you!

Meet the estate administration experts

Will and Estate Lawyers Australia’s team is made up of experts in estate administration, which means they can effortlessly guide you through a variety of legal processes related to this, such as probate, obtaining letters of administration, etc.

When someone dies and you need to prove that their will is valid, the probate process begins to ensure that the executor distributes all eligible assets in accordance with Wills and Queensland laws. If you need an estate lawyer you can trust to guide you through the process with a wealth of knowledge and experience, look no further than Will and Estate Lawyers Australia.

Alternatively, if you know the deceased’s will is not valid or does not exist, you may need to obtain letters of administration – something else Will and Estate Lawyers Australia can help you with. Letters of administration are normally required where the assets involved in the invalid/non-existent will include:

  • bank accounts with balances over $30,000
  • bonds or shares of publicly traded companies (i.e. shares listed on the ASX)
  • real estate in Queensland valued at over $300,000 (excluding jointly held property)

Will and Estate Lawyers Australia understands that family disputes can lead to volatile emotions and heated discussions, which is why the experienced team can step in if the situation becomes overwhelming. If you are a spouse, child or dependent of the deceased and have been excluded from their will or feel that they are not providing you fairly, you may consider contesting the will. The team can help you contest the will on a no-win, no-cost basis to give you peace of mind regardless of your financial situation. On the other hand, if you, as the executor, need to defend a contested will, the team can actively help you defend the estate.

Will and Estate Lawyers Australia offer more services than those mentioned above, so why not request a free consultation with the team today to discuss your legal options?

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