The President of the NZ Law Society, Lethbridge, in Eye Of Storm

Jacqui Lethbridge, newly appointed President of the Law Society, has found herself in the unfortunate position of being the subject of publicity about “behavioral issues”, just as the Law Society tries to put bullying and harassment issues on the profession behind him.

And it’s obvious she’s less than happy with a statement issued by the Law Society regarding the matter, based on her own email regarding the matter to the Society she leads.

The Law Society released a statement last week saying another review will be undertaken, this time on culture within the Law Society. The review is to be undertaken by Mike Heron QC.

The statement says allegations of behavioral issues have surfaced in the media, saying ‘the concerns do not relate to the behavior of Law Society staff, vice presidents or any former presidents’, pointing the finger at Ms Lethbridge , who candidly admitted that she was the subject of the allegations.

She also strongly denies the allegations and said some of the issues were raised by her and she welcomes Heron’s review of the organization.

In its own statement, Lethbridge said its presidency was one of fairness and transparency. Her statement indicated that she had participated in and fully supported the Board’s decision to undertake a comprehensive review of the working culture of the NZLS.

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