The legal world unites to help fight the cyber threat

A new questionnaire to help law firms better assess the cybersecurity features of the chambers they instruct lawyers on has been launched today (Friday 25 March).

The standardized form was designed by a joint working group of the Law Society of England and Wales and the Bar Council, representing lawyers, leading law firms and IT professionals working in law firms.

“Law firms and chambers, like all other businesses, are potential targets for the ever-growing threat from cybercriminals,” said Law Society President I. Stephanie Boyce.

“Because the Law Society has developed this questionnaire in partnership with the Bar Council, lawyers can be confident that the chambers they hear should feel comfortable completing it.

“We know that no tool can provide complete protection against cyber threats, so organizations will need to continue to take other precautions, but developing the questionnaire is an important step in the right direction.”

Mark Fenhalls QC, Chairman of the Bar Council, said: “This valuable new tool will help reassure customers that data is being held as securely as possible.

“The joint work of the Law Society and the Bar Council will make it easier for lawyers and lawyers to defend themselves against cyberattacks.”

The idea behind the new questionnaire is to streamline and standardize the process for law firms to verify the cybersecurity features of the chambers they instruct lawyers on.

With only 26 questions compared to other non-standardized forms which are often much longer and ill-suited for chamber cybersecurity verification purposes, it is hoped that the questionnaire will reduce the administrative burden for both responding chambers and firms. lawyers evaluating these responses.

The Law Society and Bar Council recommend that chambers work with their IT providers and keep an up-to-date copy of their responses to make available to solicitors and endeavor to review them every six months.

The online quiz was launched at the Law Society’s Risk and Compliance Conference.

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