The DENR considers amendments to the mining law

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Undersecretary Jonas Leones said the agency was pushing for amendments to the Philippine mining law to make it more suitable. at present.

Leones allayed concerns among members of the Philippine Mining Club that such a move would send a confusing signal to the mining sector.

“In fact, all environmental laws need to be reviewed. These are laws that have already been in place for 20 years, so there might be a need to review mining laws – not to make it harder for mining or investments to be made. mining sector, but fundamentally we need to identify other technologies that we can improve our cooperation in mining areas,” he said.

The DENR official added that while the law has many interesting features, the mining law needs to be reviewed.

“Whatever the outcome of the review will also be beneficial for the industry,” Leones added.

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He assured that the mining industry will be consulted to push for revisions to the Mining Act.

“Regardless of the changes to the tax regime, we will consult with the various stakeholders before we propose anything to Congress or to the president (Ferdinand Marcos Jr.),” Leones told the Philippine Mining Club, adding that the secretary at the Environment, Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga, is fully satisfied. aware of this case.

He also agreed with the managing partner of the Philippine Mining Club, lawyer Patricia Bunye, that there is a need to stabilize mining policies.

At the same time, Mr. Leones said it is high time for the mining industry to put more emphasis on disseminating information so that people understand the importance of the sector.

He said that the DENR is currently preparing the roadmap for the mining, reclamation and water sectors.

“In this administration, we want to be inclusive, we want to make sure that all sectors will participate in the planning of the roadmap to give them ownership of the plan. It will address the concern that it will not be adopted on the land” he added.

On behalf of the Philippine Mining and Exploration Association, President Joey Nelson Ayson said that the rules and regulations implementing Philippine mining law should be changed instead of the law.

Ayson said the Mining Act review could send the wrong signal and create a new concern.

“The government should relax the rules, especially on exploration,” he said.