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The Law Society has partnered with Smart Energy GB to help independent practitioners and small businesses understand the benefits of installing a smart meter to help them manage their energy bills.

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters currently being deployed in homes and small businesses across Britain by energy providers.

As a lawyer, a smart meter could help you better control your budget by sending gas and electricity readings directly to your supplier.

So, rather than estimates, you’ll receive accurate energy bills, meaning you’ll know exactly how much your practice is spending each month.

Other benefits for lawyers and their practices of installing a smart meter include:


  • Smart meters are the basis of a smarter and more flexible energy system for Britain
  • A smart energy system uses digital technology and data to improve its efficiency. This helps the energy system better manage energy supply and demand, to reduce waste and integrate more renewables into the system
  • With the future increase in electricity demand, it has never been more important to upgrade the UK energy system to one that is more sustainable and less dependent on non-renewable fuel sources.


  • Smart meters can give you more control over your practice’s energy expenditure through the data they provide. Being more aware of how much energy you use and when you use it means you can make small changes to make your practice more effective.


  • Smart meters give you accurate energy bills, so you pay for the energy your practice actually uses, rather than through estimated bills
  • This is because the smart meter digitally measures the amount of energy you use in near real time and sends your meter reading directly to your energy provider at agreed intervals.
  • This means you no longer have to send meter readings to your supplier, and no more estimated bills that will help your business manage your cash flow more effectively.