Scribes urged to unite to recommend amendments to media law

The call was made here yesterday by the country’s veteran journalist, Jesse Kwayu, who was the facilitator of the training aimed at empowering journalists in the Mbeya region to identify the different sections of the law on media and their responsibilities, organized by the Tanzanian chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa. (MISA-Tanzania).

Kwayu said MISA-Tanzania has continued to build the capacity of journalists in the country to understand the various media laws, as well as clarify their requirements for submission to the Ministry of Information as directed by his Minister, Nape Nnauye.

Under the circumstances, he said MBPC should immediately monitor the opinions and after processing they should be submitted to the Minister.

“The minister had ordered that by September this year, opinions and recommendations regarding the new media law should reach him for review and processing,” Kwayu said.

For his part, MPPC President Norbert Msokwa said the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible and that all journalists based in Mbeya will work together to offer recommendations and opinions on amendments to the media law. .

Msokwa also thanked MISA-Tanzania for organizing the forum and urged them to provide journalists with frequent training regarding media laws and their responsibilities.