The Council of State published its formal assessment of the amendments to the Covid law on Monday morning.

Only two weeks after the introduction of the latest Covid laws, the House is set to change the restrictions once again with the help of a respective bill. The formal assessment published by the Council of State notes the acceptance of the document, but criticizes a number of legal ambiguities.

The Council calls into question the decision to set the validity of vaccine certificates at nine months while the 2G device will be simultaneously reduced for people who have not yet received a reminder. The assessment points out that the decision has no scientific basis and expresses little understanding for the government’s “change of course”.

The Council opposes four particular points because of legal ambiguities in the text. These include designating the group that will be prioritized in terms of recalls and reducing the isolation period from ten to six days for people who test positive for Covid-19. In this regard, the Council argues for the use of PCR tests instead of rapid tests to shorten isolation periods.

The House Health Committee will consider the Council of State’s assessment on Monday afternoon. The text should then be accepted by a majority of votes on Tuesday.