Preliminary Notice of Council Elections 2022

The Bar and our Council

The Law Society is the independent professional body for lawyers, acting as the voice of lawyers, promoting excellence in the profession and protecting the rule of law.

Our Board fulfills the following high-level and strategic functions:

  • give the collective voice of the profession
  • establish policies on matters of importance to the profession as a whole which may be referred to it by councils or committees
  • monitor the terms and conditions for the exercise of regulatory functions, including the appointment of members of regulatory boards, and modify them as necessary, in consultation with the Legal Services Board (LSB)
  • setting priorities for the representative bar, to provide a framework within which support structures can operate
  • provide a forum for debate on issues important to the profession
  • set key objectives and a budget reflecting the priorities of the organization
  • elect the elected officials, who are the first spokespersons for the profession
  • ensure that arrangements are in place to coordinate the work carried out by boards and committees, etc., and to resolve differences of opinion where necessary

We appreciate your interest in joining the Board. If you are elected, we will of course provide you with support, induction and training to help you in your role, and more details about this will be provided to successful candidates.

A statement of the role and responsibilities of the members of the Board is attached as Appendix 5 to this preliminary notice.

Initiation and training

We will provide you with an orientation to help you meet your responsibilities.

You will also be required to complete equality and diversity training within six months of your election. We will give you more information if you are elected.

Code of conduct

We have a set of principles of conduct for all elected and appointed members, including Council members, which includes guidance on a number of issues, including:

  • conflicts of interest
  • dignity at work
  • relations with members and staff

If elected, we will expect you to adhere to the Principles of Conduct.

We have a published register of Council members’ interests. If you are elected, we will ask you to register relevant interests.

We expect you to follow these rules and maintain a good professional reputation throughout your tenure as a Board member.

See the Principles of Conduct and other constitutional documents

Council member expenses

We will reimburse your expenses to attend board, council and committee meetings. If you are elected, you will receive spending guidelines.

Candidate expenses

You must bear your own costs in the election.

If you use our facilities for meetings, we will charge you our normal commercial rates.


We do not share contact information of potential voters with candidates.

We provide copies of candidates’ personal statements to voters with the ballots.

We also send a campaign solicitation email to voters in every riding where there is a contest, which collects in a single attachment all the personal statements of the candidates who have chosen to submit them.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 020 8049 4109.

The Principles of Conduct set out the general principles that members must follow in any election.

Withdrawal of applications

You can withdraw your application at any time.

If you withdraw after the deadline for nominations but before the ballots (if the election is contested) have been distributed, the election will proceed as if you had never been nominated or, if no only one candidate, he will be elected. without opposition.

If you were the only candidate, we will proceed as if you had never been nominated and ask a nominating committee composed of representatives of the relevant local bars or (for non-geographical seats) of the competent bodies to select a candidate who will be elected Consequently.