Practice Certificate Fees 2022–2023 | The bar

Lawyers in England and Wales are required to pay for a certificate of practice annually. Fees are collected by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and are paid either by individual lawyers or by companies on behalf of their lawyers.

Most of this income is used to fund the activities of the SRA, with the remainder being distributed among other organizations, including the Law Society.

How much does the 2022-23 practice certificate cost?

The cost of an individual practice certificate will be £286.

The SRA will contact you in the usual way when you need to renew your practicing certificate.

The cost of an individual practice certificate has been frozen or reduced for the past nine years. For example, the fee was £266 in 2021, up from £428 in 2010.

Additionally, the Law Society supported the profession when the pandemic hit in 2020 by reducing the revenue share of the Certificate of Practice Fee (PC fee) we received by £3 million. We maintained this level in 2021 as government restrictions continued.

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Defend the profession and more

Our main source of income is the funds we receive from the practice certificate. This determines what we can plan and undertake for you, the profession and society at large.

We have ambitious plans for the coming year to deliver more of what you have told us is important to you.

This includes:

  • highlighting the enormous contribution that lawyers like you make to society
  • defend the profession against attacks
  • address threats to the rule of law
  • make progress on diversity and inclusion, and
  • provide world-class resources to help you and your business thrive and prosper

You have also told us of your desire to know more about our activities. We will publish our new corporate strategy in November 2022, which sets out our new vision, goals and results for the next three years. This vision has the full support of our Council, which is elected by lawyers in England and Wales, and our Board of Directors.

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