Plastics industry says amendments to waste management law not needed to address disposal issues

The Philippine Plastics Industry Association (PPIA) said there is no need to change the national waste management law to adopt established plastic disposal solutions such as waste-to-energy facilities. garbage.

PPIA Chairman Danny Ngo said that Republic Act (RA) No. 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, approved in January 2001, should not be changed as it is flexible in terms of new waste management technologies.

“RA 9003 must remain intact and must not be modified. PPIA strongly believes that RA 9003 is flexible in adopting such technologies that do not require changing the law. Its mandate focuses more on the management of solid waste entering the sanitary landfill,” Ngo said in a statement.

He said various waste-to-energy technologies have long been used by developed countries to process plastic waste.

“Many environmentally conscious countries in Europe, the United States, Japan and even neighboring Singapore have been adopting this technology for decades, greatly reducing their residual waste problem and at the same time increasing their power supply,” a- he declared.

The PPIA statement comes after both houses of Congress recently approved their respective bills to amend RA 9003 at third and final readings.

Senate Bill 2425 aims to institutionalize Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which would make companies responsible for the proper and efficient recovery, treatment, recycling or disposal of their products after they have been sold and used. by consumers.

These companies include producers, manufacturers and importers of consumer goods that use plastic packaging.

In addition to institutionalizing EPR, Bill 10696 proposes that companies be mandated to establish programs to reduce their production, use and importation of plastic products.

The bill will also require the creation of a national framework for all types of product waste to reduce environmentally harmful waste. —Revin Mikhael D. Ochave