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Rytas Vilnius 2022 LKL winners try a revolutionary new sport

Twain Sport, powered by the Hybrid Sports League and its technology partner BetGames, hosted Lithuanian basketball champions Rytas Vilnius, to commemorate the launch of its new vertical specializing in hybrid sports (T-Basket).

The recent Lithuanian Basketball League 2022 champions were the first professional team to participate in Twain Sport’s new hybrid basketball tournament (T-Basket), which is set to be launched by the Hybrid Sport League in conjunction with its partner company, BetGames.

Today’s festive competition with Rytas Vilnius saw the league’s best players go head-to-head in 60 seconds of action to score the most points while shooting from various distances, randomly selected by computer.

Rytas Vilnius sporting director, former basketball player and EuroCup 2009 champion Donatas Zavackas ended the day by winning both tournaments.

The Hybrid Sport League is the sport’s governing body and will coordinate and oversee the exciting new calendar of events, set to begin in August 2022 in custom-built arenas at selected European venues.

Twain Sports’ hybrid tournament series will feature high-frequency, action-packed premium sports, starting with T-Basket, which will feature a full head-to-head tournament every hour – totaling one new game every the three minutes.

The highly anticipated league is poised to satisfy the increased demand for live sports with a high frequency entertainment format, while maintaining the highest integrity protocols with backup systems.

Commenting on the event, BetGames CEO Andreas Koeberl said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to host Vilnius Rytas Basketball Team to experience the thrill of T-Basket. The top professional athletes competing in such an environment were great to see and made the most of the new concept.

“Twain Sport is synonymous with fast entertainment, and with the tournaments going live in a few months, we are really excited to partner up as we begin to announce our first operator deals. Along with this, we will also be rolling out our football themed tournaments (T-Kick) and more in 2023 and beyond.

Giedrius Žibėnas, head coach of Vilnius Rytas added: “It’s an exciting opportunity to try out this new concept, combining a new idea of ​​entertainment and sport. Players never know if they are winning or losing until the score appears at the end, creating a very competitive environment even for professional athletes.

“In the beginning nobody had fun with 3×3 basketball – and even though they said it was impossible to make it into the Olympics, we have already seen it develop into what it is today today. I believe it’s the same here. Even professional players now choose between 3×3 or 5×5 basketball. If you expand globally, you will find your audience.

President of the Hybrid Sports League, Sarunas Mazalas commented: “Our partnership with BetGames is a huge step forward for the Twain Sport project. Our league will now be broadcast all over the world and we are ready to transform the world of sport. It was a pleasure to host the Vilnius Rytas team and get a winning team’s approval for our winning concept.”