Law Society Tribunal revokes Windsor paralegal’s license

The society that oversees lawyers and paralegals in Ontario revoked the license of a Windsor paralegal for misconduct.

Tribunal of the Law Society of Ontario terminated the license of Sattar al-Taee, a paralegal who worked at Peace of Mind Paralegal in Windsor, over three allegations of professional misconduct.

According to the court report, al-Taee failed to respond to correspondence issued by the Law Society, as required between January 6 and September 2, 2021. He also failed to cooperate with three separate Law Society investigations in “ failing to provide prompt and complete responses to investigator requests made in correspondence dated between June 21 and September 2, 2021.”

The third allegation accused al-Taee of failing to provide compliance reports regarding the initial suspension of his paralegal license, as required between June 11 and October 6, 2021.

The court ordered the immediate revocation of al-Taee’s paralegal credentials, compliance with the conditions set out in the Law Society’s guidelines for paralegals whose licenses have been revoked or who have been authorized to return them, and the payment of an immediate fine of $4,237.50, subject to two percent interest per annum.

A search of the Peace of Mind Paralegal website, which had an address on Howard Avenue in Windsor, led to a Facebook page that had no posts since 2016. The company’s most recent review was released two years ago.

Paralegals in this province are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario and recognized as officers of the court. Although they may not practice law to the extent that a lawyer enjoys, licensed paralegals have an in-depth knowledge of legal practices. They typically assist clients with disputes such as landlord and tenant matters, traffic tickets, and human rights issues.