Law Society of Zimbabwe clears lawyer of corruption

A Harare SENIOR lawyer charged with unprofessional conduct for allegedly negotiating the purchase of real estate from a defendant without consulting his client has been cleared by the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ).

Agmos Moyo of Kantor and Immerman, represented South African company Umbrella Holding and Goldstone against local businessman Rodney Dangarembizi who allegedly defrauded his client of over $1 million under an agricultural services contract .

Umbrella Holdings and Goldstone, represented by directors Antony Denga and Owen Sher, reported Moyo to LSZ after suspecting the transaction could be a bribe intended to destroy their case against Dangarembizi.

Denga also raised a host of complaints against Moyo, forcing the latter to recuse himself from representing the firm.

In clearing Moyo, LSZ said the complaint was filed by a disgruntled customer who did not substantiate the allegations.

LSZ, through its secretary Edward Mapara, said the board was of the view that the complaint was without merit and should be dismissed.

“The Board, at its meeting held on August 30, 2022, considered your complaint and the respondent’s responses. The Board noted that this complaint was brought by disgruntled litigants. You have not substantiated your allegations against the respondent. You were not satisfied with the court’s decision and you should have sought an appeal in the same court. The Board was of the view that the complaint was without merit and should be dismissed,” Mapara said in the letter that cleared Moyo.

“Council has resolved that the Respondent be found not guilty of any unprofessional conduct and the complaint be dismissed. We will therefore proceed to close the file and take no further action. Be advised accordingly.”

Denga had accused Moyo of having negotiated an amicable settlement with Dangarembizi in his absence and of having prepared a settlement document, the content of which was never made public, causing delays in the trial.

In his response to LSZ, Moyo said he had made an offer to buy a property, which he later discovered belonged to Dangarembizi.

“I have gone to market for the purchase of real estate. My offer has been duly accepted and I have requested the usual documentation of the property in order to perform due diligence on the property. This that’s when I found out it belonged to Rodney Dangarembizi,” Moyo said at the time.