Law firm seeks statements on sexual and other misconduct in South East Watch District of Windham | Local News

BRATTLEBORO — A Brattleboro law firm is now seeking victim abuse statements from staff at the Windham Southeast Watch District.

Buehler & Annis PLC was hired by the district last month following reports that former Brattleboro Union High School English teacher Zeke Hecker sexually abused students. An article outlining the allegations against Hecker was published in the Commons in August. In a response, Hecker acknowledges statutory rape and breaches of professional ethics.

The first complaint filed with the district school board dates back to 1973, and the investigation could go back to recent times. An oboist, Hecker was released from the Sage City Symphony in North Bennington after the allegations came to light.

The law firm recently published a special page on its website titled “WSESD Investigation”, in which it seeks “information regarding student sexual abuse and/or harassment, or abuse of power by faculty. , current or former administration and staff of the Windham Southeast Supervisory District.

The site offers confidential reports through its secure website.

For victims and witnesses who wish to speak to an investigator, they are asked to provide a name and contact information.

The information will be kept confidential unless complaints trigger mandatory reporting laws in Vermont, the company says. To report anonymously, state this in your message and do not leave your name. Someone from the office will return messages within 24 hours. To provide information, victims, persons with information, and witnesses can call 802-451-0905 or email [email protected]