JEF Dialogue Highlights Benefits of SSC Act Amendments on Pensioners | Company

Ammon News – The Jordanian Economic Forum (JEF) organized a dialogue session on the amendments relating to the law on the Social Security Company (SSC).

Addressing the event on Wednesday evening, JEF Chairman MP Khair Abu Sa’ilek praised the role of SSC and its programs during the Covid-19 pandemic and their positive impact on businesses, subscribers and the national economy, adding that SSC is a safety valve. for society, and plays an “increasing” role in the social and economic fields.

Abu Sa’ilek said these amendments would do justice and increase benefits as part of “balanced” mechanisms and studies to fulfill the SSC’s mission for all current and future generations.

For his part, SSC chief executive Hazem Rahhaleh said the amendments stem from corporate social and national responsibility, especially in light of shortcomings in the insurance system, which need to be addressed “quickly”. .

The amendments would achieve more social justice and social solidarity and would benefit 27,000 families once the amended law is approved, he noted.

The bill would allow about 50,000 pre-retirees to benefit from an annual increase based on inflation next May, he said, noting that this measure is part of the proposed package to protect retirees middle and low earners.

In addition, he noted that the amendments aim to reorganize the conditions of heirs’ right to pensions, since 6,750 people will benefit once the law comes into force, he noted.

The draft also provides for a new mechanism for modifying the minimum salary of the pension, linked annually to the average salary of SSC subscribers, especially since the salaries of 18,000 pensioners are less than 200 JD, he pointed out. .