How Semi-Truck Accidents Are Caused By Negligence

Semi-trailer accidents can result in serious vehicle damage and life-threatening injuries. You may be able to get significant compensation if the other driver’s negligence caused the accident. However, this requires proving negligence. It may be helpful to learn about some of the more common causes of truck accidents caused by negligence. You can also talk to a Jackson semi-trailer accident attorney for help.

Negligent causes of tractor-trailer accidents

There are two main types of large truck accident causes called critical events and critical reasons. Critical reasons can be broken down into performance, non-performance, recognition, and decision errors. While critical events do not have separate categories.

The most common critical events for large truck accidents are:

  • Crossing in the wrong lane or going off the road
  • Loss of control of the semi-trailer
  • Rear-end crashes

Some of the most common reasons truckers lose control are speeding, bad weather conditions, and faulty roads. All of these reasons are not considered negligence. It is the actions of the truck driver that decide whether there has been negligence. For example, bad weather alone may not make a driver careless, unless the driver accelerated in bad weather.

The most common critical reason for truck accidents was decision errors followed by recognition errors, then non-execution and performance errors. Decision errors occur when the driver makes conscious decisions that are risky or reckless like speeding or tailgating.

Recognition errors occur when truckers are distracted while driving or make a perception error. It could mean not noticing an obstacle or another driver. Non-execution errors occur when medical emergencies occur or drivers fall asleep. Performance errors involve errors while driving such as overcompensation or poor driving skills.

How to prove negligence

To file a car accident compensation claim, you must prove negligence. When it comes to proving negligence, it helps to know how the law defines negligence. Intentional actions are not usually associated with negligence, but rather with terms like negligence, recklessness, and inaction. Negligence is not considered intentional harm to someone.

In general, negligence describes any actions or omissions to act that fail to protect others from harm. Common examples include running red lights, drowsy driving, speeding and tailgating. Drivers found to be negligent are held responsible for the accident. This means compensation for those who have been wronged.

Taking steps to prove negligence means collecting evidence and documents from the accident. Take photos of the damage, get your medical records and file a police report. Consider contacting an auto accident attorney in Jackson to see what other steps can help you prove negligence.

Filing a car accident claim with the auto insurance company could make you eligible for compensation. This compensation could cover your medical expenses and damage to the vehicle.

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