Governor of Kerala Criticizes University Law Amendments and Lokayukta Bill

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan said on Thursday that the University Laws Amendment Bill recently passed by the state assembly was aimed at legalizing illegalities and he would not allow it.

Khan also indicated that he was against the Lok Ayukta Amendment Bill, also recently passed by the Assembly, saying no one can be a judge in his own cause.

Despite strong opposition from UDF members and their subsequent boycott, the Kerala Assembly on August 30 and September 1 passed the controversial Lok Ayukta (Amendment) and University Laws Amendment Bills, respectively.

The Governor, speaking to the media, alleged that the University Laws Bill was aimed at naming unqualified relatives of the Chief Minister and other state ministers on university rolls.

“I had said earlier that I would give up my job as Chancellor. But you want to do everything and I will sign it. It is not possible. By this bill, they are trying to legalize all illegalities. I do not won’t allow,” Khan said. said.

Regarding the Lok Ayukta Bill, he said that the basic principle of jurisprudence does not allow anyone to be the judge of his own cause.

The Lok Ayukta bill aims to make the executive the appeal authority over reports from the anti-corruption watchdog. However, he also said his opinions were based on the Assembly debates he had read and news reports about them.