Drivers in the dark due to traffic law change, law firm says

A LEADING law firm in Greater Manchester has found that motorists are in the dark about new changes to the Highway Code.

An update to the code – protecting vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists – comes into force at the end of the month.

But research by the bosses of legal giants Slater and Gordon shows that only 44% of drivers are aware of the changes to come.

Another 24% admitted to never consulting the security guide for more than a decade.

Motorists should give priority to cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and equestrians on the roads they wish to use.

Other rules state that all traffic must stop for pedestrians waiting to cross, and cars signaling to turn left or right must yield to cyclists coming from behind and going straight,

And cyclists can ride where they feel safest, even if it’s in the middle of the road and drivers have to wait for cyclists to pass and treat the cyclist as if they were a motor vehicle.

Tracey Benson, the firm’s serious injury manager, said: “The changes to the traffic laws help protect all road users by giving the highest priority to the most vulnerable road users.

“As pedestrians are more likely to sustain serious injuries, they are now placed first.”

She hopes the update will prevent more serious injuries on the roads in Bolton and Bury and added: “It is crucial that all road users are informed about the new hierarchy and how they should now behave. on the road.