Do altered medical records impact medical malpractice cases?

If you have suffered injuries or developed a condition as a result of medical error, proving that negligence existed and that is what caused your injury is required to successfully file a fault claim medical. Medical records are an essential part of any medical malpractice case because they show your medical history and the treatment you received. They also show any other notes taken by specialists and other doctors regarding your health.

Residents of the State of Mississippi should consider working with an attorney if they believe they were injured by medical errors. These claims are among the most complex to build and litigate. Often the medical provider in question has the upper hand due to the complexity and involvement of medicine. Poor outcomes are not always the direct result of poor care. As such, it is estimated that only 25% of medical malpractice plaintiffs win their case at trial.

Can medical records be manipulated?

More and more medical practices and hospitals are moving from written medical records to digital. When the records are digital, it is easier to see what changes and modifications have been made to the documents. This is done through the audit trail which can show the day and time a record was opened if it was adjusted if changes were made, and how they were made.

When you file a medical malpractice claim in Mississippi, it must be shown that the evidence used to support your case or to dispute your claims was not manipulated by mistake or malicious intent. With respect to an applicant’s medical records, the information must be accurate. No medical record that has been unfairly or deceptively influenced should be allowed to be presented as evidence.

To claim that medical records are incorrect and have been misrepresented is a major statement. If a the healthcare professional made a mistake it might be evident on a person’s medical records. When unexpected or inexplicable changes are made to a patient’s medical records, further investigation is required.

Your Jackson’s medical malpractice attorney may request that the audit trail be made available. Then, a qualified technical specialist can review this information to determine if the changes appear suspicious.

When medical errors and missteps are made that are the reason you were injured, it is important to review all aspects of your case to see where the negligence may have taken place. Medical records that may have been altered at a time when there may have been a medical oversight should be closely scrutinized. It is important to determine what happened in your case and the damages you suffered. If your injury was due to shortcomings of your medical providers, you may have a strong case for compensation.

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