Diversity Access Program Review | The bar

We believe DAS is unique in its ability to address multiple drawbacks. He has a truly transformative impact on the people he helps. While other programs may offer mentorship, work experience, or partial scholarships, no other national program offers the full DAS support package.

A summary of our findings

Data collected over a five-year period shows that we are successfully reaching our target group of aspiring lawyers from underrepresented groups who face significant barriers to entry.

More than 250 talents have been supported by the DAS since its creation in 2005.

Around 65% of graduates over the past five years are qualified lawyers or have obtained training contracts – this figure is higher than the national average for the conversion rate of LPC training contracts (57%).

A key part of the evaluation involved focus groups with former students and with sponsors. Overall the feedback was very positive from both groups.

Read what our winners say

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Moving forward: what we will address in 2022

1. Create learning and development opportunities in DAS

We will incorporate formal soft skills support sessions into the program, including:

  • business awareness training
  • advice on interview technique
  • support for training contract requests

Training will be provided by our careers team and DAS sponsors.

2. Remove all financial and geographic barriers to DAS work experience

We will ensure that any work experience negotiated through the DAS continues to be paid.

Internships will be offered both in London and in the region depending on location and student interests.

3. Mentoring support

We will be preparing stronger mentoring tips for our mentors and fellows.

We will also recruit more mentors from the pool of qualified DAS alumni. In our survey, participants were very supportive that qualified DAS alumni should be invited to consider becoming DAS mentors.

When a winner needs specific support, we will offer dual mentoring targeting different areas of need.