DAP members accept amendments to anti-participation law at special congress

DAP General Secretary Anthony Loke (centre) and other DAP leaders during the launch of the GE15 party election machine at the IDCC in Shah Alam on September 25, 2022. – Malay Mail Photo

KUALA LUMPUR (September 25): The DAP has almost unanimously agreed to make changes to its anti-partisan law alongside changes to the Federal Constitution today.

DAP General Secretary Anthony Loke said only two members disagreed with the motion to make the changes and as such the new laws will be published soon.

“The amendments to the federal constitution have been published in the Official Gazette, so we also approved the amendments today and we hope that the Registrar of Companies (RoS) will expedite this and we can implement it before the 15th general election ( GE15).

“It was important to fill in some gaps in the federal constitution as it did not cover MPs who were fired from the party. At the time, this meant that they did not go against the party and would remain a member of the party although it was clear that he or she had broken party laws.

“So now if we have made it clear that any MP who breaks the party laws is against the party constitution, he can be fired from the party,” he explained at a press conference. with journalists after the congress in Shah Alam.

The congress was attended by approximately 1,175 members, which means that they had reached the required quorum.

Other than that, Loke was asked about the state officials to whom he said that the states need to make their own amendments before the state legislative members are also subject to the new amendments.

Loke also said that he is not worried that this law will not pass, saying that he has confidence that the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of the law, Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, will honor his word and will would ensure that the amendment to the federal constitution is done before GE15.

Meanwhile, Loke gave an update on the hopes of the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) to be part of PH for GE15.

He said the PH Presidential Council was discussing the parameters for their inclusion and he had nothing further to update. He said everyone is welcome PH with no stipulations.

He also said that they had not fully decided on the seat allocation for GE15 as it was still under discussion. – Malaysian Mail