Business Plan 2022-2023 | The bar

As we head towards our 200th anniversary, we want to celebrate our heritage, but we also look forward to being an organization that attracts and retains diverse and talented people.

Our members respect the rule of law and our justice system, two key principles that underpin the values ​​of our society.

We know that our team is already convinced that this work is making a difference and we are proud of their role and the part they play. This is a solid platform to build on.

The past two years have seen huge changes in the way we work, for both staff and employers.

We don’t believe there will be a return to the working models of the past, and so we have a common challenge with our team to ensure we are creating the right employee offering and working environment to set ourselves apart from competition.

Being truly inclusive is essential in this respect and our new human resources management strategy will drive this over the next three years. This will include building a sustainable team structure to improve the governance service offering.

In 2022-2023 we will:

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We will track key employee engagement metrics throughout the three-year strategy, alongside our gender and ethnic pay gaps. We will continue to track diversity data and our recruitment and retention record.

By the end of the three-year strategy, we will have a high-performing, engaged and diverse volunteer membership and workforce.