British lawyers are scapegoats for horrors in Ukraine, says Law Society

Thursday, March 24, 2022 2:46 PM

The Law Society has claimed that ‘British lawyers’ are being made ‘scapegoats’ for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a letter to The temperatureLaw Society President I. Stephanie Boyce said the lawyers had been “isolated” for their involvement with Russia, as she claimed they had been made scapegoats for the “horrors in Ukraine”.

Responding to an article criticizing the Law Society and calling on London law firms to sever their ties with the ‘Putin regime’, Boyce said that ‘it is dangerous to scapegoat and appoint British lawyers’ .

Instead, the President of the Law Society said the law firms had acted in accordance with “thirty years of national policy”, as she claimed that all major UK law firms had now severed their ties with Russia.

“The reason British law firms engaged with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union was because that was the direction of successive British governments as well as companies,” Boyce said.

The comments come after Tory MP Bob Seely used parliamentary privilege to accuse four British lawyers of working as “Putin’s henchman” to silence the British press.

The Law Society has previously declared its support for lawyers working on behalf of oligarchs, as Boyce said “it is the job of lawyers to represent clients, whoever they are.”

“Our profession is highly regulated and there is a clear framework of accountability overseen by the Solicitors Regulation Authority,” Boyce added.