Bike law amendments speed up installation process which should get more feedback, says Save Mass Ave

There has been a lot of talk about building a protected bike lane on Massachusetts Avenue, with work expected to start soon near the Arlington Line to Dudley Street. Save Mass Avenue received a lot of support and also a lot of questions about our position on this. We would like to make it clear that we are not opposed to the construction of a protected cycle path. Our goals from the beginning have not changed: we want to raise awareness of the Bicycle Safety Ordinance being amended in October 2020, during the pandemic, and how its implementation will affect residents, businesses and commuters . We strongly believe that all Massachusetts Avenue stakeholders should have the opportunity to provide input into the design.

There have been many posts on the subject, and they seem to focus on car vs. bike, bike vs. car. That’s not the problem. All of the companies I have spoken to value and appreciate their customers who come by bike. Residents want everyone to be safe. Most people realize that we need to have roads that allow for greener travel. The world is changing and we have to adapt. Every business and every resident I’ve spoken to is just asking to be part of the process, so we can have a better design.

Mass avenue for all came up with some great ideas for building the bike path, but it’s only applied to the specific area of ​​the North Massachusetts Avenue group, from Everett Street to Dudley Street; we need to apply the same thoughtful ideas to the rest of Massachusetts Avenue, from Alewife Parkway to Dudley Street. The work of this group proves that better design can be implemented. If the ordinance can be changed so that all of Massachusetts Avenue between Alewife Brook Parkway and Everett Street is considered a cohesive whole, it would prioritize dangerous intersections and critical areas first. Flex poles and quick-build sections, if any, can be installed quickly, but small areas with more complex design issues would be permitted to use construction as needed to find a solution. Shared parking options can also be used during the day for customers and businesses without impinging on residents’ ability to park overnight.

People want to work together, and our petition has been cited and mentioned by other sources. Any flyer we distribute has been clearly marked that it was sent by Save Mass Ave. Our petition only asks for a chance to be heard. He says, “We ask the City Council to allow meaningful engagement and planning with all Massachusetts Avenue stakeholders, to develop a long-term plan that supports businesses, reduces traffic, protects cyclists and pedestrians. . City Council should mitigate any negative economic impact on our small businesses and support our city. »

We want to make it clear that our goal at Save Mass Ave is to get a better protected bike lane design that will work for everyone.

Annette Oster for Save Mass Ave

Annette Oster is Retail Manager and Lesson Program Coordinator at Guitar StopFacebookTwitter