Bar President Adrian Tan reveals he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after being elected

SINGAPORE – The President of the Law Society of Singapore (LawSoc), Adrian Tan, revealed Thursday (July 28) that he was diagnosed with cancer in March, two months after being elected to the top job.

In a post on the professional networking site LinkedIn, where the 55-year-old remains vocal on matters of public interest and litigation, he said “disaster has struck” after he “planned to have the busiest year of my life.

He told TODAY that he was continuing as Chairman of LawSoc and would not step down, and that he had continued to work from home.

He did not specify the severity of his condition or the type of cancer he has.

Mr. Tan, Partner and Head of Intellectual Property and Technology at TSMP Law, began his term as President of LawSoc on January 1.

In an interview with TODAY at the time, he pledged to continue sharing his views on social media and using it to deviate from the traditional ways LawSoc has used to communicate with lawyers. .

The LawSoc represents lawyers and maintains the standards of the profession here.

Apart from his accomplishments in the legal field for 30 years, Mr. Tan was also the author of best-selling novels – The Teenage Textbook and The Teenage Workbook – in the late 1980s.

Mr Tan wrote in his LinkedIn post that he started feeling bad in February but dismissed it. He then “felt so bad” that he saw a doctor in March and was later diagnosed with cancer.

“He immediately put me on an aggressive treatment regimen involving chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy. As my immune system was compromised, I had to avoid people and stress,” Mr Tan said.

He then talked about two issues: whether he should stop working and who he should tell about his diagnosis.

He wrote that for him, “life is a contact sport” and that he needed to work with his team towards a common goal.

“This is the path I have chosen. I would fight cancer, defend my cases in court and fight for lawyers as president, until time runs out,” he added.