Amendments to the law for studies in the state language only can be adopted by the 13th Saeima – Baltic News Network

Latvian Minister of Education Anita Muižniece expects parliament to pass the necessary legislative amendments for the transition to Latvian-only studies in the last two readings in late August or early September, the politician said in an interview. at LTV Rīta Panorāma.

Muižniece admits that the process is accompanied by great anxiety. Nevertheless, the Minister is confident that the transition will be successful, as Latvian law already requires many school subjects to be taught in the Latvian language.

The minister said that the law’s requirement of education only in the state language will also apply to private schools, unless they are international schools, whose operations are governed by special law and international agreements.

Muižniece pointed out that no major restrictions on the possible spread of Covid-19 are planned for this year’s school year.

If Covid-19 restrictions become necessary, the measures schools will need to take will be similar to those seen at the end of the last school year.

As for other topics related to the next school year, the minister indicated that there are no plans to move to online exams. As for the results of the 9th grade exams, they will be displayed in percentages and not in marks.

Soon, the Ministry of Education and Science may submit a new education assessment system to the government to ensure that scores between schools are more comparable.

The minimum salary for teachers for the next school year is set at 900 euros.

According to Muižniece, this salary will be paid to very few teachers. Most teachers will be paid 1,000 euros per month.

Muižniece declined to call the data on teacher shortages speculative, as many teachers are changing jobs. This means that the relevant information will be provided at the start of the school year.