Adjournment of Law Society of Alberta hearing for Tyler Shandro

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A Law Society of Alberta hearing into Tyler Shandro’s conduct while he was Minister of Health has been adjourned to an unknown date.

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Now adjourned to an unspecified date, the hearing has been convened to investigate complaints about the three incidents that occurred during Shandro’s tenure as health minister, including one alleging that he “behaved in a manner inappropriate by engaging in conduct that damages the reputation of the profession”.

The change was posted on the Law Society website. Shandro, a lawyer, was Minister of Health from April 30, 2019 to September 21, 2021 and Minister of Immigration from that date until February 25 this year, when he was sworn in to his current role as Minister of Justice.

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A statement emailed to Postmedia on behalf of Nancy Bains, barrister, says either party involved in a hearing may request an adjournment from the chair of the hearing panel and the other party may consent to or contest the proposed change of date.

In deciding whether to grant an adjournment, the Hearing Panel may consider a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the harm caused to anyone affected by the delay; the time of the request, previous requests and previously granted adjournments; public interest; costs for the bar and other participants in an adjournment; and the requirement for a fair hearing, the statement read.

“Hearings may be adjourned to any other time or place, under any conditions that the Hearing Panel may impose,” it read. “In the interest of procedural fairness, it is not appropriate for us to comment further. The reasons for the adjournment may be specified in the Hearing Panel’s report issued after the hearing has taken place.

The hearing will be postponed “as soon as possible for everyone involved”.

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