A new year, a new Digital Gazette

January marks an important milestone for the Bar Gazette with the publication of our first entirely digital edition of the weekly.

Now you can access even more expert analysis on all the latest legal news anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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This week’s edition includes:

  • a focus on why our decades-old surrogacy laws urgently need reform
  • Joanna Goodman finds out what keeps law firm compliance officers awake at night
  • Johnathan Goldsmith argues that the metaverse offers new opportunities for lawyers
  • Aviation experts tell Michael Cross flying cars face legal turmoil

The legal profession is fast and adaptive, and so are the news, commentaries and media that talk about it.

the Bar Gazette has long been the home of legal media, covering landmark changes, showcasing you and your stories, and keeping you informed of what’s happening in businesses, practice areas and across the industry.

After 118 years of printing, the Bar Gazette made the transition to become fully digital. The decision was made to reflect more how readers interact with the media.

Ever-changing news and its frequency means that online updates are the fastest and most convenient way to share things with you.

Going digital is also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Stopping the printing and distribution of 68,069 copies of the magazine each week will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and have a positive environmental impact.

It is also the most profitable means of communication, both for the Gazette And for you. Digital Gazette will be completely free.

What you can expect

You can still expect the same features from digital Gazette.

None of the long-running staples will go anywhere, but now there will also be exclusive, in-depth analysis that you can’t find anywhere else.

Next steps

Each Gazette The issue is now published earlier. Instead of a Monday launch, the online edition is delivered straight to your inbox every Friday.

If you are already registered to receive daily updates from the Gazetteyou will have started receiving the digital-only weekly.

Otherwise, register for the Gazette daily update.

If you would like to receive only the weekly magazine without the daily updates, you can choose this option when registering.