5-Star Fans Rank Brad DeBry Law Firm One of Utah’s Top Personal Injury Legal Services

SANDY, Utah, Aug. 11, 2022 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace/Sponsored) — We’ve all heard that old expression: “What’s in a name?”

Well, if your name is Brad DeBry and you’re a lawyer in Utah, that means a lot.

This means that as the son of the late great litigator Robert J. DeBry, long regarded by clients and peers as one of Utah’s most trusted and honest attorneys, you are part of a proud legal heritage, which spans more than 40 years.

It also means that when you left Robert J. DeBry and Associates, which was sold just before your father passed away in 2021, your new firm, Brad DeBry Law Firm, would be guided by the same principles learned alongside of your father – first as a child, then as a personal injury lawyer in his firm for 25 years.

The early years
Brad was just a boy in 1980, the year his father started what would become one of the best-known personal injury law firms in the Salt Lake City and Wasatch Front area. . In a recent interview with Bill’s Marketplace, Brad said some of his fondest memories go back to those early days working with his father in law firms. He took out a lot of legal files, made quite a few photocopies, and as he got a little older often went to the James E. Faust Law Library at the University of Utah to make copies of cases and then bring them . back for lawyers.

“There was no internet then, no email, no electronic filing, so I spent years going up to the law library for dad, making Xeroxes and bringing back stacks and stacks of cases,” Brad said. “And then one day he told me to start reading the cases. He asked me: ‘What do you think of this problem? How would you argue this case? And then, whatever my answer, he would challenge my thinking, trying to get me to analyze everything from a different point of view and really examine the arguments at hand.

“It’s this foundation, the praise of critical thinking, coupled with Dad’s compassion for helping his clients, that has shaped my path in life,” Brad said.

A career takes off
The discipline Brad adopted while working alongside his father, coupled with what his mother called “a natural gift for chatterbox,” proved useful as he embarked on his college career, where he studied history and subjects requiring a lot of reading and writing. , and analytical thinking, logically setting the stage for a law school run.

But while Brad honestly planned a legal career somewhere down the line, he had another passion and another career path in mind, one that would skyrocket him.

“Initially, right out of college, I started flying. I wanted to be a pilot. And so I trained to be a commercial airline pilot, got my license, and was certified to fly passenger jets for major airlines, I embarked on that career and ended up flying commercial passenger jets for SkyWest Airline,” said Brad.

“And although I loved being a pilot, I still felt the call to join the legal profession. I was already struggling with the decision of whether or not to apply to law school when Dad suddenly called.” I want you to come and do this, he said, “I want you to be a lawyer. You would be really good at that. You are good with people. I would like you to join the practice. I want you to do part of the team.”

Brad followed his father’s heartfelt advice. He graduated from the California Western School of Law in San Diego and was called to the bar in Utah in 1996. He later joined his father’s firm and helped guide the top-rated personal injury law firm through the of a legal career spanning more than two decades.

Founding Principles of the Brad DeBry Law Firm
When Brad decided to start his own legal department, he was determined that he would be guided by the same fundamental principles of honesty and compassion that underpinned his father’s practice.

“That’s why anyone who believes they have a claim receives a free case review for a legal professional to assess their situation,” Brad said. “Whether they are trying to cope with the devastating impact of wrongful death or injury resulting from a car accident, impaired driving accident, motorcycle or truck accident, their cases are examined free of charge.

Substantiated cases move quickly and clients can rest assured that there is no fees until their case is won. Brad DeBry Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means that if they don’t win the client’s case, they don’t send an invoice to the client.

Clients also know that when the Brad DeBry law firm takes on a case, they expect to win it.


“Once we accept a case, we act quickly,” Brad said. “After all, by the time most people see a lawyer, not only are they dealing with their injuries, but they are also dealing with financial issues, struggling to make ends meet, paying rent or mortgage, or just putting food on the table.

“The last thing they need, for example, is to be rattled off by an insurance company or other damaging party that is unwilling to fulfill its obligation to pay. This is where we come in and start working to make things right from day one.

The lawyer you know, the experience you trust
Asked about the best part of his job, Brad’s response was clear and concise.

“I want to help people who are in difficulty. I find great satisfaction in helping those who face truly life-changing challenges and helping them find their way,” Brad said. “I love helping them understand what’s really going on and then giving them guidance on what to do next. It’s especially rewarding when I’m caring for families, helping them get financial compensation to cover medical bills, rent and other expenses in extremely difficult times.

“And it might sound a little weird, but some of the people I like to help the most are those who never became my clients. We get calls from people who have physical injuries, but we also get calls from people struggling with a variety of issues that may not require the involvement of an attorney Very often I can spend 20 minutes or half an hour on the phone listening to them, giving them perspective and helping them chart their way without needing a lawyer.

“I find it very rewarding,” Brad said.

5 Star Ratings and Customer Reviews
Since the founding of the Brad DeBry Law Firm, dozens of clients have expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the quality of work and compassion they have received demonstrated in their 5 star Google and Facebook ratings.

Their comments speak volumes.

Ashley Richey: “Brad is fantastic! So happy for all the help he gave me in such a difficult and stressful time with my accident. He definitely treats his clients like family and wants the best for them. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Wendy Connors: “Work hard for you and treat you like a human being, not just another case. Honest and they care about you.

Jose Rodriguez: “I had called with some questions regarding the traffic court. To my surprise, Brad himself answers the call and answers my questions. Even though traffic court is not something he usually deals with, he was always willing to help answer my questions as much as possible! Very helpful and caring!”

Romeo Drawn: “I would recommend this company and will continue to recommend it to my family and friends. Great people.

Michael Adamson: “I was very satisfied with this company. Quick response time when I left messages. I felt like they gave me honest answers to what I was looking for.

Melissa Tucker: “Brad Debry and Riley Waddoups were amazing. I appreciated their timely and transparent communication. 100% thrilled with the results they delivered. If you need advice for a personal injury problem of any kind, it would be worth taking the time to contact these knowledgeable, professional, local people who know the ins and outs of the legal system.

How to Contact the Brad DeBry Law Firm for a Free Case Review
If you or someone you love has been involved in a personal injury, contact Brad DeBry Law Firm for a free case review. They will navigate the legal and insurance process while you focus on your improvement.

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